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Cimarron Aerospace is your partner in Manufacturing your product and getting it to your customer.

Cimarron Aerospace LLC. is a minority owned business. Formed in February 2016 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Cimarron Holdings LLC, to function as a new manufacturing business entity. Cimarron Aerospace plans to take advantage of its extensive contacts and experience in the aviation market to target its manufacturing efforts toward aircraft components and spare parts. The Company is always on the lookout for opportunities to provide its services to local and non-local businesses or subcontractors in the Commercial and Government sectors. Cimarron Aerospace looks forward to bringing quality products to the Aviation and Non-Aviation Market.

When manufacturing in the Aviation, Commercial and Government sectors it requires the contractor to employ a high level Quality Control/Assurance System Standard like the AS9100 standard. This requires documented evidence that such systems have been in place to be audited with extensive certification procedures. Cimarron Aerospace implemented processes and procedures that are compliant with the AS9100 standard during its startup phase. We are continuously developing inspection policies and procedures to complete AS9100 certification.

Cimarron Aerospace has multiple skill sets in the Manufacturing and Aerospace Industry to offer our customers.

  • CNC Machining for multiple part runs.
  • Manual Machining for prototypes and one off units.
  • CMM Quality Measuring Inspections.



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